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Newborn Must Haves

Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Now that my little man is three months old, he definitely isn't a "newborn" anymore.... Getting so so big! So I wanted to share with you, from my personal experience, what our top 10 newborn must haves were. Except for numbers 1 & 2, these are in no particular order :)

1. Infant Car Seat : Chicco Keyfit 30 - You can get by with minimum for a little baby if needed. But the one thing you must have is the car seat, for obvious reasons. It is also the item that I researched the most to find the safest one out there. So when we went to pick out the carseat, the safety ratings were pretty much the only thing that mattered. There were several car seats in the same calibar as the Chicco KeyFit 30, but this is the one we felt the most comfortable with. It always was on top on all ratings and got the highest reviews. V loves his carseat... it's very comfortable for him and not too heavy for Mama to carry.

2. Baby Movement Monitor : Snuza Halo - Previously known as the "Hero", the Snuza Halo is heaven sent. All moms, especially 1st time mommies, are worried about SIDS... Prior to baby, my hubby and I always said we would be those parents who never got sleep because we would be so worried if the baby was still sleeping. WRONG. The Snuza gives us a peace of mind every time we put him down at night. It is very small, less than two inches long, and just clips right on to baby's diaper (against the tummy). If baby stops breathing for 15 seconds, the Snuza vibrates to stimulate the baby. If movement is not detected after 5 more seconds, the alarm goes off. You would definitely wake up... it is not quite! It was worked so great and we have had zero false alarms! The only reason we know it truly works (since it has never alramed us at night thank God) is because if we forget to turn it off when we do a diaper change, the alarm goes off. It's a little pricey at $100 but worth every single penny. (Video monitors are great but since V slept in our room the first few months we didn't need to use it yet.)

3. Fisher-Price Rock n' Play Sleeper - This little rocker is amazing. We used this the first several weeks instead of the mini-crib (#6) for V to sleep in at night. And we still use it daily for him to sleep in during his naps for just to hang out in when he is awake. The baby lays at an incline which is great for babies with reflux while they sleep and great for babies when they are awake so they can see more than if they were flat on their backs. Just a little push and it rocks back and forth gently. Perfect for in the middle of the night when V would stir, I would just have to reach out of the bed and rock it a bit and he would fall back asleep. It's very plush and makes them feel "craddled" which I think plays a huge part in how well V sleeps in it. It is very light-weight and folds up so easy. We take it upstairs and downstairs daily and it's no big deal at all. It also holds up to 25lbs so V will be in for a while. When we go sleep at my parents or go out of town, this is all we need instead of bringing the big pack n' play... so conveinent!

4. Pacifier : WubbaNub - We are very lucky that V likes pacifiers. He usually only takes it when he is tired or just ate but it always helps soothe him. Invest in WubbaNub's! V loves his "wubbie", as well call it. It has the Soothie brand pacifier, attached to the cutest little stuffed animals. The animals help keep the pacifier in their mouth and then when they get older, they can hold onto it too. And since the stuffed animal is decent size, it's almost impossible to loose, or let's say... it's easier to find :)

5. Stroller : Baby Jogger City Select - I can't say enought good things about the City Select. We love it! This was my second most researched item... Strollers are expensive and we wanted to make sure we got one that was safe, a smooth ride for baby, durable and could also accomodate a growing family. We bought the bassinet kit to use while V is too small for the regular stroller seat. He loves it and the look of it is so nice! It is very easy to open and fold, which was important for this little mama. This stroller is a "single" but you can easily add a second seat to it. With thinking of baby #2 in the next year or two, we went ahead and bought the second seat already. There are 16 different ways you can setup with the stroller with the second seat. And it is still the same width and length of a single stroller, not like those wide double strollers. Whether you just have one baby or are planning for more, this is my recommendation!
To note: The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller came in a close second. I liked it because it is a little smaller and lighter and I like the overall look of it more. It has the second seat option but you only have one position option versus the 16 with the City Select. Also, I am doing lots of walking with the stroller and the City Select wheels are more durable than the UPPA. Lastly, the UPPA is a little more expensive so the City Select was the winner for us.
6. Bassinet : Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper - Not too big, the co-sleeper is perfect for mama's (especially breast feeding ones) at night. It pulls right up against the bed so you don't have to get out when baby cries or needs to be fed. Plus it gives us a peace of mind to have baby in our room when he is young. The co-sleeper is the perfect fix for parents who want their newborns close at night without the danger of having them in the bed. It has storage on the sides to keep everything we need in there for diaper changes. The wheels on the bottom can lock in place and are nice to roll it out of the way during the day. And since it truly is like a "mini crib" it makes the transition into the real crib easier for baby.
7. Swaddlers : Halo Sleepsack Swaddler - If any one thing has the biggest impact on my baby boy sleeping all the way through the night, it's this little number. (Almost) all newborns like the be swaddled. V at 3 months old still does! But as much as I try, I just can't swaddle like those nurses in the nursery can. And I don't want to take the risk of trying to swaddle him and having the swaddle come loose and cover his face. So this is the perfect solution. Just zip them in and then wrap your baby up! The velcro is very strong and my little man has never been able to escape :)
8. Baby Swing : 4moms MamaRoo - What is known as "the pod" in our house, this is that item that can soothe our baby when nothing else (including us) works! Designed to move the way your body does, the MamaRoo is fascinating and works like a charm. It has five different motions and speeds, built in sounds you can pick from and a MP3 player hook-up for it's speakers. For us, the "kangaroo" motion and the "carride" sound is the magical combination. It's modern, sleek look is way differen than the traditional baby swing but it is also a huge space saver, which was one of our favorite qualities about it. Also, if you choose not to have a sound on, then the swing is virtually silent when in motion. It's a pricey $200 but an excellent, high quality product that baby loves!
9. Infant Tub : Puj - This number is absolutely perfect for bathing those little newborns. Super soft foam, it is so comfy for baby to recline in. It fits in almost any size/style sink. And the way it is shaped, you never have to worry about the water getting too close to baby's face. When you are done, just wipe it down, unfold it and it can be stored laying flat in any small place or hanging. So simple and easy, definitely a must.
10. Sound Machine : Cloud B Sleep Sheep - V loves his sleep sheep! It plays four different sounds, including a heartbeat, making baby feel very calm and soothed. I definitely can tell a difference at night with how well V sleeps with the Sheep turned on versus when we forget. Just hook up it to the corner of the crib to keep away from baby or set it up on the nightstand. Plus it's so cute! Definitely a winner!
I hope this helps those of you looking for those must-have items for your registry. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions about these. And if you have something to add to list for my readers to see, leave it in a comment below!!!

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these are great picks! we sure love our snuza and mamaroo like no other!!