Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keeping Up With Edward

Hey there! Well I was getting better with blogging more often and then poof... a month has gone bye with out a post. What have I been doing this past month?? Keeping up with Edward of course! So let's see where we left off.... Last update he was 4 week old. And yesterday he turned 10 weeks. YES, 10 weeks. How has this happened?!? It does not seem possible. But he has and wow have there been A LOT of changes. 

Weight: 7 lbs 6oz (0 percentile)
Length: 20.25 inches (2nd percentile)

Edward was struggling with gaining weight from the very beginning. At his 1 month check-up, he was only 6 ounces above his birth weight but he had grown 2.25 inches. This was the first time he was above his birth weight. We were going to the doctor for weigh-in's almost twice a week and at 4 weeks he was only 6lbs 14oz. He was so thin... His skin was getting really loose, he was very lethargic and apparently sleeping way more than he should. His doctor said Edward was "failing to thrive". Wow. I did not like hearing that. He said it was common in babies but we had to act and do something different now. He had me start supplementing with formula at every feeding. That let to many issues in the breastfeeding department (post about that coming soon) but what it did do was help him gain weight. And boy did he! Check him out...

 Isn't he getting so big??? There was a HUGE jump between week 7 and week 8. This little boy is changing so much, everyday he looks a little different to me! Needless to say, he is definitely thriving now :)


Weight & Length: At his 2 month appointment he weight 9lbs 14oz... putting him in the 8th percentile. Yay! Finally on the charts :) He was 21 inches in length, falling off the charts. He seems so big to me since his stayed so little his first month. But I guess compared to other 2 month babies he is still pretty small. 

Appearance: Big blue eyes! He was born with blue and they have gotten a little lighter and much more bright. The doctor thinks they will stay blue. Dark long eyelashes :) Cute little lips (small upper lip just like mommy). Fair skin. His hair is ever changing. Born with brown and then started loosing it. New hair is coming in and we can't tell yet what it will be. Looks blonde, brown and strawberry blonde at times. I'm guessing it will be brown. Overall, he definitely looks more like mommy :)

Health: He is healthy and no longer "failing to thrive". Thank God! However, he suffers from extreme reflux. It's amazing he has been gaining weight with how much he vomits. Yes, vomits. There is no normal "spit up" with this boy. He wears a bib 99% of the time, soaks 1-2 burp cloths every feeding and goes through an average of 3 clothing changes a day (so does mommy). To make it worse, he throws up all day/night... not just within the first hour of his feeding. Poor little guy, I feel so bad for him. His pediatrician has put him on Zantac, .9 mL every 8 hours. It seems to help a little bit.... This past week we have also discovered something else, DR is pretty sure he is allergic to milk. Which brings me to his diet.

Diet  Edward is completely on formula now. This is very difficult for me as I had planned to breastfeed him through his first year and did not want to use formula. (All details coming soon in my breastfeeding post.) He has been struggling through his feedings, crying the whole time, and we discovered a rash all over his body. At first I though it was mild baby acne and didn't realize it was an actual rash. Due to the difficult feedings, the rash and the vomit, the doctor is treating Edward for cow's milk allergies. We have switched to Nutramigen formula and it has helped a little. He is experiencing more of the normal "spit up" with an occasional feeding with vomiting. He doesn't cry during every feeding now, just some. And his rash is gone! So I think we will be sticking with this formula for awhile and pray for continued improvements. 

Sleep: Edward is a great sleeper. Making me a very lucky mom :) He sleeps well in any environment.... very quite at home or in a room full of people. He likes to be held but usually doesn't wake up when I put him down in his crib or rock n' play to sleep. Again, I'm very lucky. He is taking about two long 3-4 hr naps a day... one after his morning feeding and one in the late afternoon. The rest of the day he will be awake for 1-2 hours and then sleep for an hour. He stays very pleasant when he is awake so this schedule is working for us. We try to give his last night feeding around 10:30pm. He goes to bed within the next hour and and sleeps for a 5 hour stretch until about 4:00am. He feeds again and sleeps another 4 hours or so. Our mornings tend to start around 8:00 - 9:00am. 

(FYI I never put him to bed with his bib on but he was sleeping in his mini-crib in my room while I was folding laundry.. in my room. So I felt safe keeping his bib on during his nap.)

Favorite Things: Edward loves to be outside and go walks (we go on at least 1 a day), laying on his play mat, swinging in the MamaRoo and his WubbaNub :) We also just starting putting him in his Bumbo a little and he loves it!

Social: Edward does great being around other people. Unless he is sleepy, he doesn't mind being passed around. He gives the biggest smiles and often :) He is starting to make squeaky noises when he smiles, making me think small giggles aren't too far away. Check out this video of my favorite morning smiles!

Randoms: Edward loves the car seat. Music is one of the greatest soothers for him... all kinds of music! He is starting to reach for things and grab them. He has awesome head & neck control. I just had to put away his newborn clothes :( He is starting to pay attention to our dog Dexter and he loves him. He is already becoming quite the "Mama's Boy" and I don't mind one bit :)

I'm excited to see what month 3 brings!!!


Rachel C. said...

Little Edward is sooo adorable and I love him next to the elephant. I love when people do that, so you can see how much they've grown. So cute!!

Brittney Denman said...

He is adorable!!! Love his little outfits!

Ricci said...

He is sooooo cute!!! I'm glad he's gaining weight and doing better with feeding!!! Go baby Edward!!! And go Mommy!!! :)

lori said...

He is so cute!!! And looking so good, yay for gaining weight and getting on the charts! :)