Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky I Do's


my favorite bloggers!!!!

I'm bringing some "spook" into our Wedding Wednesday today!  While I prefer the airy, romantic

wedding, there are some brides who can not wait to put together their ideal "Halloween" themed

wedding! Whether it's your style or not, you have to appreciate the creativity and even beauty that is in

it! And if that is your kinda thing, more power to you! If you are planning a wedding for next October,

here are some ideas you may fall in love with :)

                                                                             Source: via Amy on Pinterest

                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via Christina on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: via Kimberley on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: via Anne on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

                                                                         Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

                                                                        Source: via Bethina on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: via Party on Pinterest
                                                               Source: via Amandine Mai on Pinterest
What do you think of bringing a little "spook" to your wedding if you are getting married on or around Halloween?? Oh I love that lace pumpkin as fall decor for the house!!

Don't forget.... next Wednesday will be the first Wedding Wednesday link up!!!! Yay!!! I received a lot of feedback from my readers and I am so excited that it will become a link up party every other week, starting with November 7th! So get ready!!!!!!

And now to announce the winner of the Blue Bird Bride Giveaway! The winner is........
Congrats Jeannette!!! You will be hearing from myself and Diane (from BBB) shortly)!

Don't forget you can still get 15% off your purchase from Blue Bird Bride
Use promo code: FALL2012

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. I can't wait to see pictures!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gadgets and Pumpkin Treats

 I find that I tend to go on Pinterest hot and cold phases. Sometimes I can't get enough of it. And then a week (or weeks...) will go by where I haven't even signed on to my account. Well I don't know if it's because the holidays are here or what, but O.M.G. I am so Pinterest crazed lately!!

I have been finding the coolest gadgets and products lately. I haven't bought any of these yet but look how awesome!
                                                                           Source: via Jillian on Pinterest

A hair brush with super absorbent microfiber bristles that remove 30% of water as you style. Toweling drying and a brush in one!! I could definitely use a few extra minutes in the morning!
                                                                          Source: via Megan on Pinterest

A measuring cup that is also a scale! I can think of a few kitchen gadget freaks on my Christmas list this year that would love this. {And include me in that as well!}

                                                                           Source: via Kaley on Pinterest

The perfect strawberry slicer. One of those things that of course you never actually "need" but wow, it would be fun to have. 

And onto the holiday baking.....

I have been seeing this recipe for pumpkin muffins all over Pinterest lately and finally made it this past weekend....
                                                                    Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

This recipe calls for only these two ingredients! Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes and they are ready eat! Recipe claims it is "WeightWatcher" friendly too! If you are a huge pumpkin lover like I am, I would recommend putting in some extra pumpkin spice in it. The cake mix is very strong and I wish the muffins had a little more pumpkin zing. I'll definitely do that next time!

And I want to make this.......
                                                                             Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

A pumpkin gingerbread trifle!!!! Sounds too delicious!!!

Oh wait, and this!
                                                                      Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Similar to the pumpkin recipe I made this past weekend, this recipe calls for 1 box of Angel Food cake mix, 1 can of pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice! It looks like maybe they used whipped cream for the icing? Only 180 calories per serving!

I told you I loved anything pumpkin! Are you trying out any new recipes from Pinterest for Thanksgiving this year? How about any cool gadgets you want?? Love to see what other people find!!


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Crossing Off My List

Happy Monday my favorite readers!!!! Hope y'all had a great weekend. I know I did! It was very exhausting but good!! Today is all about playing catch up. You see, I left my laptop at my office on Friday. And since I live 45 minutes away, I was not going back to get it. This weekend was computer free. And as much as I am attached to my computer... honestly it was a nice break. I did miss blogging dearly though and created a nice long list of things I need to do with my blog. So today I hope to start crossing things off my list!

#1 :: October Group  Sponsor Giveaway Winner
The lucky winner of this giveaway is...... Chelsea from Yours Truly!!!!! I am super excited for you Chelsea!! I, as well as my sponsors who participated will be emailing you shortly!! Congrats! 
PS- For all of you who are wanting a new blog design, Chelsea is fabulous!! I may be a little bias... because she did mine :) 

#2 :: Blue Bird Bride Giveaway
Have you entered the awesome Blue Bird Bride giveaway on my blog yet?? What are you waiting for!! Enter a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to this incredible jewelry shop! I love Diane's work and you will to! Click here to enter the giveaway.
Also, you can get 15% off all purchases right now using the code: FALL2012. Shop at Blue Bird Bride today! 

#3 :: Secret Santa Blogger Swap
Have you entered our Secret Santa Blogger Swap yet?!? I am hosting it, along with the lovely ladies from Geek Can Be Chic, Fierce Fabulous and Fit and Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth. Over 30 bloggers have signed up for this so far! If you are not one of them, enter today by clicking here!! 

#4 :: Prayers for Hurricane Sandy Victims
I am keeping everyone who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy in my prayers. Being from New Orleans, I am far too use to Hurricanes. But for those who have not experienced a storm like this, I wish you the best of luck. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and am praying for everyone's safety, homes and livelihoods. 

#5 :: Wedding Wednesday Co-Hosts and Questions :)

I recently announced that Wedding Wednesdays with A Happy Wife in NOLA will now become a link up party!! While I will post more about it later, here are the basics:

* Link up any wedding-related post on your blog.
* This can be a favorite post of yours previously written or a new post.
* Anything wedding related! Wedding planning, your own wedding recaps, a wedding you were in, a wedding you attended, bridal showers, engagement stories, honeymoons, etc... You get the picture.
* Link up a different post each time you link up. 

So there you have the basics.... but now I have some questions for you. 

#1 - Wedding Wednesdays happen every Wednesday. However, would you like the link up party to be weekly, 2 times a month or once a month? How often would you like to participate?!? * Please answer by leaving a comment to this post. THANK YOU!!

#2 - I am looking for Wedding Wednesday co-hosts :) 
Here is the information for those interested:

* Right now, you do not need to be a sponsor of my blog to co-host Wedding Wednesdays. I simply ask that you post the link-up on your blog the day it goes live. 
* I am only taking 2 co-hosts per link up day.
* If you sign up, I will e-mail you what day you will be co-hosting.
* You are able to co-host more than once, if everyone else listed already got a chance. 
* It will be mandatory for all link up party participants to follow the co-hosts via GFC. 
* I ask that co-hosts please do a few social media shout outs to the link up party.
* Co-hosts will help me spread the Wedding Wednesday fun and I hope that it will bring lots of new traffic to your blog. 
* Have a shop with Wedding related items? This would be a great way to show it off and drive traffice your way!
* Wedding Wednesday post received the most comments and traffic on my blog! Great exposure for you!

Sound good??? I hope so!! If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire below! 
Sill have questions? Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Blue Bird Bride Giveaway

Happy Friday lovelies! I am SO excited to introduce you to an extremely talented jewelry maker, Diane, and her Etsy shop, Blue Bird Bride!

LOVE the sideways crosses :) And the stunning gold and crystal necklace. And the turquoise. Okay okay, I love it all! Let's be honest :) And check out the super cute keychains below!!!

Isn't her jewelry beautiful?!? I thought you would like it so I have some good news to share with you...
Diane is offering a 15% discount to all of you on any purchases in her shop!!
Use the code: FALL2012 at checkout. 

Go take a look at her store and treat your self to something pretty! It's not to early to start Christmas shopping either ;) She has some great deals going on right now too! Like this...

Oh wait, there's more good news...
Diane is giving away a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE to one of you lucky readers!!! How awesome is that! 

Enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter submission below! Good luck and go shop at Blue Bird Bride!!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Secret Santa Swap

It's hard to believe that there are only 60 days until Christmas! And although we still have to get passed Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's so hard for us Christmas lovers to contain our excitement for the upcoming holiday :) 

I'm sure your list of Christmas favorites is very long. And ours too! But one thing you will see for sure on it is Secret Santa Gift Exchanges! Who doesn't love giving presents to others and receiving? And having it be a surprise!! That's what we thought..... So the four of us ladies have decided it would extra fun to host a Secret Santa Gift Exchange with our favorite bloggers, aka... YOU!

First let's meet your Secret Santa hosts!!

Here's the 411:
Sign up to participate :) Try to get a gift(s) between $10 - $15 to send to your exchange buddy. Be creative! Have your own shop? This would be a great way to promote it! Love giving handmade gifts? Go for it! Don't stress, have fun with this! Send your package on it's merry way. And then, before you know, you will be receiving your gift from your Secret Santa!

Here's a breakdown of the dates:
* Sign up between October 24th - November 9th.
* Matching will be completed by November 11th.
* All packages need to postmarked no later than December 7th.
* Receive your Secret Santa package and enjoy!!!
* Secret Santa Recap Link Up on December 30th.

Any questions? Want more information before you sign up? Don't hesitate to contact me!

Be sure to post the button on your blog because the more the merrier!!

A very (early) HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON to you all!!! 

Please sign up by using the submission form below. THANK YOU!!!! 

*Be sure to link up your blog below after you have submitted your information for the swap!!!!*