Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bracing the Storm

So as all of you probably know by now, a strong storm, Hurricane Isaac, is going to hit New Orleans late this evening/early tomorrow morning. We are supposed to get hit by the northeast wall of the storm's eye... the worst part :(
Since we live in New Orleans, we "evacuated" to my brother's house in Mandeville. About 40 miles north of our house. But it is not in the flood zone, so that's good. We just have to worry about trees falling... Not good. I know we will loose power. But for how long we don't know. No power = no air condition! Super hot and sticky. But we feel pretty good about hunkering down and staying safe in their house. We have a fun crowd we are staying with: My husband, my brother Mark, my sister-in-law/best friend Kate, Kate's brother and Kate's sister. So for at least the next 24 hours, we will be finding ways to entertain ourselves. I think we got that covered...

While Kate and I are taking care of everything around the house, the boys are doing this while we still have power...
So typical....
Now onto the
None of us have children yet, so one of our top priorities is definitely making sure the puppy dogs are kept safe!
A large pot of jambalaya that Andrew (Kate's brother) made last night! THE BEST.
Lots of candles!!
A sample of our batteries, fans, flashlights! And playing cards.... a must!!
Our table of goods!!!! Green beans anyone?
Tons of candy. A must. Check out those Reese's Chips Ahoy cookies I found! Heaven sent :)
We did bring some healthy food too...
Tons of water, drinks, tea, etc! We will definitely be hydrated!
And the most essential items.....
Time to partyyyyyyy!
In addition to the above, we have lots of boardgames, books, and movies (just as long as we still have power). I think we will be just fine :)

If I can just ask you all for your thoughts and prayers for everyone in NOLA and all areas that will be hit by this storm. For all readers that are also going to be effected by Isaac, my prayers are with you!! This will be my last post until after Isaac passes and we get power back. Until then, keep praying and enjoy your air conditioning for me!!!!!!! Thank you all :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Liebster Award

I am so honored and excited to announce that I was nominated for the Liebster Award! A huge THANK YOU to Stephanie at Sweet Boutique for nominating me. This is the first blog award that I have received!! :)
About the Award: The Liebster Award is given to bloggers, by bloggers.  It is a way to acknowledge each other and say, "You are doing a great job."  It is for blogs with 200 or less followers, so it is also a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs and get them more readers and followers!  When you receive the award you post eleven random facts about yourself, and answer eleven questions from the person who nominated you.  You pass the award onto eleven other blogs, (make sure you let them know they were nominated.)  and ask them eleven questions.  You are not allowed to nominate the blog that nominated you. 
 So now moving onto the 11 12* random facts about yours truly. (*See #5)
  1. I am completely and hopelessly obsessed with sushi. I'll try it all. Eat it for all three meals? I could do that! (No, I actually haven't done that but I know I wouldn't surprise myself if I did one day.) 
  2. I have 6 brothers, am the only girl and I LOVE it!!! Wouldn't have wished for it any other way :)
  3. I crave Skyline Chili (from Cincinnati) almost daily. Never had it? You are missing out. And don't listen to the people who say they hate it... they are not right in the mind.
  4. I am a HUGE Saints fan but I have never been to a game. Crazy, I know. 
  5. I am OCD about locked doors, alarm clocks and even numbers! 
  6. My favorite meal to cook is eggplant parmesan. My mother taught me to cook it when I was 6 years old. 
  7. My iPod is stuck in the late 90's early 2000's. Yes, I blared the album Celebrity by N'Sync in my car on my way to work this morning. 
  8. I am mortified, absolutely paranoid, of spiders. Snakes? No biggie. Spiders, I'm having a heart attack. 
  9. I love that I am short. Barely 5 feet tall. I can always wear heels, no matter who I am around. 
  10. I love water but hate water slides. 
  11. When I eat crawfish, I suck the heads. And contrary to what my husband thinks, the claws are definitely worth the effort to get that tiny bit of meat out of them!
Now here are my 11 questions I have to answer.
  1. Where is your favorite place to eat? Megumi Sushi!!! The easiest question ever.
  2. What was the last book you read? Fifty Shades Freed... yes I did read the whole series!
  3. Who is your "most desirable" celebrity? Hmm... toss up between Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. Do you blame me? 
  4. What CD is in your player right now? (do people still use those?...i pod?) CD Player = Mumford and Sons... iPod = Celebrity by N'Sync! (see #7 above!)
  5. What color is your toothbrush? Hot pink and lime green
  6. If you were a tree, what kind would you be? An Oak Tree. Beautiful and the perfect tree to have picnics under. Plus a Southern symbol!
  7. What time do you go to bed on a work night? Between 11:00 and 11:30
  8. What is your favorite age you have been so far? 21 (Got engaged, graduated college and was hired for my position I am still in today!)
  9. What is your favorite Disney movie? Little Mermaid!!!
  10. If you got a free plane ticket, where would you go? French Polynesia... Specifically Vahine Island on Tahaa and Bora Bora. That is where we went for our honeymoon and I would do anything to go back!!
  11. What is your favorite expletive? Shit. I try not to say it but usually it comes out before I even realize! 
There you go!! Hope you enjoyed these very random facts about me. Now my favorite part about this award..... Nominating 11 12* other blogs for the Liebster Award!!!!!

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Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg {A fur mama with the best life adventures that are filled with sparkles!}

And here are your 11 12* questions to answer. Good luck!!
1. What is your favorite attribute about yourself?
2. If you had to pick one movie you have seen that you wish could have been in, what     would be it?
3. What is your dream vacation?
4. What is your favorite type of food?
5. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
6. What is your greatest pet peeve?
7. What is your dream job?
8. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
9. What is your "guilty" treat?
10. The person that you never want to meet?
11. If you could be born into history as any famous person, who would it be and why?
12. What song always  makes you happy when you hear it?

Hope you all enjoyed this little fun interview! And be sure to say hello to the ladies I nominated!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!

PS- Don't forget to enter my "Favorite Things" giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Proposal

I've been thinking for awhile that I want to start a "Wedding Wednesday" post trend on my blog. Event planning is part of my job but my heart is with weddings. My dream is to one day have my own wedding planning business. So I'm going to do a wedding post every Wednesday (or every-other depending on the weekly schedule and feedback), starting today. I  hope to continue to grow in knowledge with this business and inspire brides-to-be out there. One day, I will fulfill my ultimate career goal!

So where does the wedding planning process begin? With the proposal! Every single proposal is special and perfect in it's own way. What a beautiful moment, when two people decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. So without further ado, here is our story :)

2. 6. 10
Three big events were happening back-to-back weekends in February 2010 - The Saints going to the Superbowl, Valentines Day and of course... Mardi Gras!! So Edward had planned a hiking trip to Tunica Hills (just between the Louisiana/Mississippi border) to do an early Valentines Day celebration before all the other fun things began. We had been talking about doing this for a while so I was super excited. We agreed to not buy presents because we had just splurged on Christmas and our 4 year dating anniversary. Instead, we bought some nice champagne, cheese/crackers and made chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy when we reached the "waterfalls". The forecast for the weekend kept getting colder and colder as Saturday got closer.... Everyday I asked him, "The high is now only 32 degrees (which is SUPER cold for us southerners), are you sure you want to go this weekend?" Of course he insisted and I thought nothing of if it because he (and myself) are extremely stubborn.

The morning of Saturday, February 6th, we drove an hour northeast of Baton Rouge to the Tunica Hills hiking area. It was COLD.  That wasn't going to run our day though. We hiked and hiked and hiked.... trying to find these "waterfalls" we heard about.... (Waterfalls in Louisiana? Crazy I know.)
Tunica Hills..... doesn't look like Louisiana, does it? FYI- it is much prettier in the spring :) 
My excited but very nervous "still" boyfriend at the beginning of our adventure.
Yours truly! Feeling adventurous and completely oblivious to what was about to happen.
We found a waterfall! But apparently not the "big one".... 

Edward made  me hike through this.... we learned quickly that there was quick sand!!!
And walk over these slippery rocks.... I fell. Of course. 
Finally.... we made it!!!!
Yes.... that was the "big" waterfall! I know it looks slightly sketchy.... but it was actually really beautiful, quite, peaceful..... perfect :) See the area in the bottom right of the picture? That's where we stopped for champagne and our snacks! As I was eating a chocolate covered strawberry, Edward said he had a few presents for me. I was not very happy since we had agreed no presents! After saying not to worry because they were "small" presents, he pulled out a cute little heart-shaped box of chocolates and a small bear holding an "I love You" balloon out of his bag. He further went on to say he wrote me a letter, which is something we do every anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day etc... so I wasn't very shocked by this. But what DID throw me off was when he started reading the letter to me! That was not a normal custom. 

Edward "professed his love for me". Telling me how much he wanted to take care of me for the rest of my life. How he thinks I am going to be the best mother to our children. The whole nine yards!! I must admit that I was having a hard time hearing him... I  know that waterfall was small but it was loud and distracting! It wasn't until he pulled a small box out of his bag and got down on one knee when I realized that his was all part of his proposal!!! After he ended with, "Make me the happiest man alive... will you marry me?" I said "yes, yes yes, a thousand times yes!"
That night we shared the news with our family. And to tie the whole weekend together.... making this the best weekend EVER..... The next day we went to our friends balcony on Bourbon Street, shocked all our friends with the news..... and
The view of Bourbon Street from our balcony
The New Orleans Saints WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best. Weekend. Ever. Until we got married that is ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Celebrate With Me!!!

I am so excited to host my first giveaway of "my favorite things" on my blog for hitting over 100 GFC followers!!!!! I really am shocked by the overwhelming support I have received from so many of you. I have only been blogging for a month now but I have already met so many wonderful people.

Thank you to everyone who has read, followed and shared my blog. I am excited to see my blog continue to grow. More importantly, I am excited to experience continued growth myself as my blog, and the many blogs I adore, feed my creativity, inspire me to do things I never thought of and provide an avenue for me to further develop my abilities for the things I love (events, DIY, decorating, writing, and loving & appreciating life). 

A special thank you to my lovely cousin, Katie at Sweet Pink and Preppy, and my long-time friend, Britt at The Magnolia Pair, who encouraged/supported me with the start of my blog. And for answering my 101 questions and the many more to come :)

Now on to the GIVEAWAY of my favorite things!!!!!!!

All of these items, provided by myself, will go to one lucky winner! Good luck!! Enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter form below.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Life of a Law Student's Wife

So I've been thinking about doing today's post for a while and I have to admit it has been a little hard for me to write. But what better day than today to do so.... Today Edward starts his second year of law school. 

I love that my husband is following his dreams to be a lawyer. When I first started dating him, he was 17 and he knew he wanted to be a lawyer. He has worked so incredibly hard to be where he is now. Top 10% of his class and has made Tulane's Law Review (which is huge). To say the least, I could not be more proud of him. As a wife, watching his dedication to his studies and knowing that he is doing it so he can build a great future for us and our family is overwhelming at times (in a good way of course). I mean, if he is this dedicated to school, can you imagine how dedicated he will be as a father and how dedicated he is to me? I can not tell you how blessed I am. He truly is God's greatest gift to me. 

Now this is where I ask for your support and prayers... While I love that Edward is following his dreams, I had a very hard adjustment to the lifestyle that first year of law school set for us. I mean, we got married July 16th and then less than a moth later he started school. Remember I said how dedicated he is to his studies... I knew the first year would be rough but I just don't think I was emotionally prepared for how little I would see my husband. And as an extremely new newlywed, I had a difficult time adjusting. Of course marriage on it's own is a huge lifestyle adjustment. But throw in law school, an hour commute one way to work when it used to take 11 minutes, and a new neighborhood which was very different (aka not very safe) from where I lived before is a lot of changes at once. 

I'll spare you the emotional woes but in a nutshell I put all my focus in providing for us, taking care of Edward and being sure to always be his supportive, positive wife that I didn't really take care of myself. Don't get me wrong, being positive/supportive for him is the easiest thing for me to do. I love him with every ounce of my heart and I will always be there for him. I just wasn't there for myself. I gained a lot of weight that first year, didn't get out of our apartment often, and well... I was just in a funk.

Good news.... I am so over that!!!! I've lost about half the weight I gained (yay!) and am working on getting back my healthy lifestyle I was living before. We moved to a safer neighborhood, into a charming house that I love. Edward had such a successful first year and we are already seeing the many benefits of his hard work that is paying off. I still am just as supportive as I was before... except now I am not just taking care of him, but I'm taking care of myself too. You see, everyone handles changes differently. I am a very positive person and usually completely embrace change. I just had a hard time last year with so many changes. 

So cheers to a new year of law school for Edward. Cheers to another year of opportunities. Cheers to renewing my healthy, active lifestyle. Cheers to my wonderful marriage and the bright future we have. Thank you to my family and friends who have been there for me, even when I was having a tough time. Thank you to Edward for loving me unconditionally and working so hard in order to create endless possibilities for our future. And most importantly, thank you to God, for He has blessed my life in so many ways. With Him, I will remain strong and positive for myself and my husband. With God, I have faith, hope and strength. It is through His love for me that I can love my husband and be the best possible wife that I can be. 

I know that this post was all over the place... It's hard to put so many different thoughts together at once. I can always use supportive advice and encouragement so if you have any, I would be most appreciative if you share!!! Also, big news...... I reach over 100 GFC followers this weekend which means it's time for a huge giveaway!!! Stay tuned because it will open within the next 24 hours!! Thank you all for your support!!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!!! :) 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest, extremely good lookin' and brilliant man that I am so blessed to call my husband :)

 I owe so much to Edward. He is my better half and my biggest supporter. His love for me is endless and I will do everything I can for the rest of my life to make sure he knows that my heart will forever be his. Yes, it's true. I'm madly in love with my husband :)

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!!!! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You're Married... Now What?

The Roles of the Mr. and the Mrs... I'm talking truly physical roles/chores of the house here. Who does what??? Most households do not operate like they used to in the "cookie cutter" 1950's. Every family, every couple, does things their own way, the perfect way that works for them. 

I know before Edward and I got married we did not sit down and create a plan, a "chore schedule" per say.  I just figured things would work themselves out. I would automatically know what I should be responsible for and what he would be. Edward and I also did not live together before we were married. So not only was being married a big change for us after dating for six years but so was living together. 

Now I would be lying to you if I said I never envisioned myself like Mrs. Cleaver; wearing my pearls and heels while vacuuming, with dinner already on the table when Edward walks in to say "Honey, I'm home!" Yeah I thought it could possibly go something like that.... then reality hits! So let's talk about how it runs (or doesn't run) in our household...

Please keep in mind that the "roles" below are based on the summer months because we both have similar working schedules when he is not in school... except my commute to work is an hour one-way and his is about 4 minutes. During "school months" it is all out the window! Edward knows that I support him with his dedication to law school in every which way. His schooling is a higher priority than anything around the house. So the days when he remembers to put the toothpaste away is HUGE!! It's the little things, right? ;)

1. Making the bed: Toss Up
Edward assumes I should make the bed, and I probably would except that he doesn't get out of the bed until I'm walking out the door for work.... So we don't see eye to eye on that.

2. Making dinner: MRS. 
This is simple... I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it. He doesn't want to be in the kitchen and I'm okay with that. Edward's idea of cooking dinner is picking up Jimmy John's. 
**Disclaimer: I hate making salad... don't know why but I always have. This is the only thing I asked him to do and he does a fine job.

3. Doing the dishes: MR. (for the most part...)
So much goes back to the "family of origin", right? YES! In my house, my mom cooked and did the dishes. His mom cooked but his dad did the dishes. Of course I like the way his parents did it and he likes my parents way. I win, most nights :)

3. Cleaning the bathroom: MR.
We both grew up cleaning our own bathrooms. But I just don't like it... I'd rather clean anything else but the bathroom. And for some reason he doesn't mind. So that was an easy one. 

4. Yard WorkMR. (for now...)
We both enjoy mowing and weed wackin' the yard but Edward sees this as "mans work". So for this past summer I let him do it. But come next week when school starts up you will probably see the little short blonde girl pushing that monster machine lawnmower and that is fine by me. 

5. Garden: BOTH
Notice I don't consider this "yard work". That is a chore. Gardening is a hobby. We both started gardening together and both enjoy it. 

6. Dusting, Vacuuming, Sweeping: MRS. 
Edward has done this a time or two around the house but he just doesn't do it the way that I do it... I can be OCD with some things....

7. Laundry {Washing of the Clothes}: MRS. 
Edward doesn't read the tags. Enough said.

8. Laundry {Folding/ Hanging of the Clothes}: MRS. / BOTH
He doesn't want to fold my clothes and I always end up putting his in the wrong drawers (so he says..). So I fold and put mine away. And I fold and put his on top of the dresser. (And they usually just sit there.... for awhile until he knows I've had enough). 
**Disclaimer: Anyone who has seen my room would question if I ever put clothes away. It's only the dirty clothes on the ground... It's just really hard to make it all the way to the hamper!! I'm working on that... :/

So I think I've covered the basics. Somehow all the above does just work for us... most of the time. I love hearing how other couples manage everything. I have some friends who do it all completely opposite of us! And I know that once I become a SAHM in a few years, roles will definitely change. And I'm excited to embrace that change. (Like really really excited!) But for now, this is keeping us living happily ever after :) 

I'd love to hear how things work around your house!!! Please do share :)

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Lastly, don't forget to smile.... Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Join That Friday Blog Hop!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Highlights

I can't believe summer is practically over.... With Edward starting yet another wonderful intense year of Law School next week, I am sulking over my last week having somewhat relaxing days with the hubby. (But let's not talk about all the interviews and Law Review meetings he has going on....) I'm trying to enjoy every last minute while I can! 

I'd say that this summer, our first full summer being married, was really truly amazing. We moved into our new house, went on many trips, reunited with good friends, spent tons of quality time together, celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, and really just enjoyed life. I also got my booty back in gear with loosing weight and (re)finding my healthy lifestyle. And wow does it feel GOOD!! I still have a lot of work cut out for me to be back to my "happy" weight so any encouragment is appreciated :)

How do you sum up three months that were just so perfect?!? It's nearly impossible. So I've chosen my Top 3 summer highlights to share with you today!

Timing is everything, right? In my case it was! My in-laws planned a trip for the family (us, Edward's parents, and his two brothers) to spend a week in Paris! And when did this happen? On my birthday! Yup, I spent my birthday in Paris this year. Need I say more? This was my trip there.... my first trip to Europe! And I absolutely LOVED it! 

My Top 3 Favorite Things in Paris:
1. The Eiffel Tower at night.... when it sparkles!!!
2. Parisian Boulangeries (Bakeries..... need I say more?)
2. Walking the Streets..... seriously I am not joking. Admiring the architecture, delicious smells, observing the culture... It was just mesmerizing. 

#2 Christopher & Katie's Wedding {June}
My cousin and best friend, Christopher, married the love of his life, Katie, on June 16th. I was honored to be a part of their wedding. Katie has become so dear to me, one of my closest friends! (She is the girl behind the blog Sweet, Pink and Preppy! Go tell her hi!!) Needless to say their wedding was absolutely beautiful and a blast!! They, along with most of my family members, live out of state so I don't get to see my cousins often. The distance hasn't come between our relationships, which are the strongest and best I have in my life! I miss all my family so much and want to "re-live" their wedding weekend over and over again!! (*Side note: Edward and I were both in the wedding and paired up together. It was so fun walking down the aisle again!!)

#3 Uncle Pete's Wedding {July}
You know the Bible verse, "Love is Patient"?? Well what a testimony to that truth.... We joined Edward's family in Houston when his Uncle Pete married the beautiful Sharon. He had just turned 50, and neither one of them had been married before. See... I told you!!! Witnessing their vows at the Church was breathtaking. Literally. These two wonderful people who have waited so long to find the one that God meant for them to spend the rest of their lives with.... It was the most beautiful Marriage celebration I have ever seen. 

On another note, all of Edward's extended family members live out of state so we hardly ever to get see them. Even though the trip was only one weekend, it was the most bonding time I have been able to spend with them, especially his girl cousins and aunts. I had an absolute blast! They were made me feel truly accepted into and apart of their family. I am truly SO blessed!!!!

There you have it for my 2012 Summer's Top 3!!!! What were your "top 3" things this summer?? I'd love to hear!!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Prayers for Edward && a Giveaway!

Asking for a small favor.... Please keep my husband, Edward, in your thoughts and prayers today and tomorrow.... He has interviews with 11 law firms for 2013 Summer Associate positions. He has worked so hard and just getting these interviews is a huge accomplishment. I couldn't be prouder of him and all the hard work he has put into law school. Thank you for your prayers and I'll keep you updated with how they interviews go!!!

On another note.... I have joined up with Cait from Fit, Fierce and Fabulous and am hosting an awesome giveway - if I do say so myself :) $20 Target Giftcard and a 200x150 ad space on my blog! All you have to do is visit Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, enter the giveaway and you could be the lucky winner! Sound easy enough?? IT IS!! So what are you waiting for ?!?!

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Countdown to Mardi Gras

6 Months and counting until Mardi Gras Day!!!! Of course, balls and parades start days weeks a month or two months before the actual calendar day. Mardi Gras is just one of the many perks of living in New Orleans!!! It is our biggest holiday in the south. In fact, children are shocked when they learn that it is not a national holiday!! It is the best time of the year to let loose and have fun. It is something that everyone should experience at least once. Bourbon Street is for the party animals, St. Charles and Napoleon is for the families and the rest of the area is for everyone in between.   Yes, I am partial to this crazy and oh so wonderful tradition in New Orleans. However, being serious, I highly reccomend you make a visit to the city during Mardi Gras season. It's a once in a lifetime experience you won't want to miss out on!

Let's enjoy some of my favorite Mardi Gras pictures over the past few years...
The oh so wonderful Bourbon Street.
Boxed Margarita... I always make Edward carry it in his backpack just in case I get thirsty or find myself without a drink :)
A pig roast in the middle of St. Charles Avenue.... a common sight to see. 
If you're not a Saints fan then keep it to yourself!
Bourbon Street with a glance of St. Louis Cathedral... ironic eh?
Hand Grenades.... I'll be honest they aren't my favorite but are a New Orleans "must".
You will find yourself acting like a fool..... it comes with the territory. 
My cousin, Anna, during her first Mardi Gras encounter. "Throw me somethin' Mister!"
Big stars grace us with their presence in the parades. 
Port of Call.... A Mardi Gras Saturday tradition for us..... it's a MUST!!

Just can't wait for Mardi Gras 2013!!!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

I'm participating in my first "Friday Favorites" hosted by Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde! I'm just so happy that it is Friday, I feel like everything is my "favorite" right now. Enjoy! I know I am ;)

Favorite Beauty Item
Coral Pink by Essie! It's making my Friday extra cheery :)
Favorite Place I'd Like To Be Right Now
Our honeymoon location!!!
Favorite Thing I Love About New Orleans
I definitely need a good drink from Pat O's after this long week of work!!
Favorite Picture
Source: Lilly_Unique shared by Arielle Brubaker via Pinterest
Favorite Song
"The Cave" by Mumford & Sons
Favorite Item in My Kitchen
Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven in Caribbean
Favorite New Recipe
Eggplant Panini with Pesto from SkinnyTaste

Favorite Thing About Next Week....
My GIVEAWAY with Fit, Fierce and Fabulous!!!!! So stay tuned :)
Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!!! xoxo