Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sponsorship Deals!

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! I think it's official that I have never been SO full before in my life! It's just one day out of the year, right? And when you have 9 desserts to choose from at home, you pick just one.... obviously.
So let's cut to the chase. Today I'm offering huge sponsorship discounts. BLACK FRIDAY prices people! Here are the details:
First 4 people to buy an ad today get it at 75% off!!! 
Use promo code: earlybird75  SOLD OUT

All ads will be slashed by 40% TODAY only, all day long!!
Use promo code: blackfriday40

A Happy Wife in New Orleans was established on July 13, 2012. In just four short months, I have already gained an incredible readership. I would love to have you as sponsor and help your blog or shop grow as well!

{Stats as of November 22nd, 2012}

667 Followers via GFC 
545 Followers via Twitter
304 Followers via Facebook
494 Followers via Pinterest
155 Followers via Instagram

**Remember to apply discount to the prices you see below!**


Myers Family said...

WooHoo! Just bought a spot starting in Nov and another one starting in Dec :)

Karla said...

Yay! Bought a large spot for Dec.14 ! Thanks for these deals! =)

Myranda Barnes said...

Dang! I knew I should have bought it yesterday when I saw this, maybe I will get a smaller one. Thanks for the awesome promo code :)
Jessica Who? Sent me

Tarole said...

Look's like your ad space is filling up!! I can't wait till mine goes live in almost a week :)


Lesley said...

Great idea!!! I'll have to do this next year.

I'm A Love Addict said...

Jessica Who Sent me
I love Black Friday got a good delas from it
Dosta Radnjanska
My Fashion blog: I'm A Love Addict
My Giveaway blog: International Fashion Giveaways

Emily Cater said...

I bought a spot that was going to start NOV 21 2012! Please get back to me on that!

Katie said...

hi lover bug! leavin a comment for jessia Whos giveaway!

amber.m said...

stopping by from Jessica Who!!

Alisha said...

Just found your blog from Jessica's blog. Can't wait to follow along and read more about you! :)


Lindsay said...

I will be emailing you about swapping buttons : ) I have been looking for swappers. BTW - I found your blog from the Jessica Who giveaway.

Alexa said...

Love your blog! Jessica Who? sent me, but I already have read your blog and love it :) Can't wait to enter your newest giveaway!