Monday, November 5, 2012

A Girl On A Mission

I am SO excited to introduce to you today, a very awesome lady.... Katie @ Loose The Cushion! I have had the privilege to get to know Katie over the last month, as she is my premium sponsor! Now it's your time to get to know Katie. I promise you will love her as much as I do!
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How long have you been blogging? Why did you start?
I started my blog January, 2012. I wanted to keep a log of my weight loss journey, keep myself accountable and possibly even inspire others!

Favorite holiday and why?
I'd say Christmas. I just love the holiday, the season, the weather, the presents, the family. It's one of the three times a year I typically get to see my nieces, so that makes it worth it. All of it!

Favorite food item for Thanksgiving dinner?
STUFFING!!!!!! And not even the in the turkey stuff, I like Stove Top stuffing. Sometimes I will make it for a side just for a random dinner.

Top 5 items on your Christmas list this year?

Favorite 3 places in the world?

5 items you never leave home without?

Red or white wine? Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Coffee or tea?

Ideal vacation?
Back to favorite places... either Bora Bora or Athens, Greece. I would love to go to Bora Bora to chill and relax on the beach with an umbrella drink. However, because of my Interior Design background I have a huuuuuge love affair with architecture. I want to go to the Acropolis and just marvel at the beautiful architecture.... 

Sum yourself up?
I am strangely outgoing and think I’m hilarious. The blog has started to incorporate a lot more of my personality and I really hope people like it. I’m silly sometimes and sometimes a little crazy. I hope to make you all laugh!

I told y'all she is great! Now get over to her blog and show her some love! 


Jennifer said...

We love stove top too!

Sara Ivy said...

I think those glasses are so cute!


Cotton said...

moscato is the answer to everything!

Ashley Richards said...

Moscato is my fav also!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I'd love to visit Greece someday! Cute glasses. :)

Megan said...

I am a moscato lover as well, I have never tried that brand!!

Ashley R said...

I love everything about this post!

xo Ashley