Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Talk??

Babies, babies, babies! Let's be honest... this is pretty much all I think about. I love my career but I dream of the day when I can spend all my time loving on and taking care of sweet little ones. I'm pretty sure I was voted "most likely to have 12 kids" in high school. 12?? Ehh... that maybe too much for me. However, being from a family of 7 children and having 12 (soon to be 13!) nieces and nephews, I definitely want a "large" family. 4 or 5 children sounds so great to me :) Many people think we are crazy for wanting 5 children. Others are saying, "Well then you better get started!" So what's the problem???? LAW SCHOOL. 

Hubby being in law school maybe one of the reasons that I can (hopefully!) have 5 children. But, it's also the reason why we are trying to wait at least two more years before we start our own little family. Edward just finished his first year and has two more to go. And with me being the sole provider, it would not be ideal to take maternity leave. Not to mention law school already keeps Edward so occupied. I have to look at all the "pros"of waiting to stay positive: more time alone with hubby, build a nest egg, date nights, lots of traveling, etc. We have only been married a year and we are really enjoying our time as newlyweds. But when Edward says things like, "You are going to be a such a cute mom," or "I don't know how I am going to handle I'm going to love having 5 little Mary's running around," I just get SO excited!!!!

I believe that motherhood is a privilege and such a blessing. My call to motherhood is so strong and always has been. I can't get enough of children. Thankfully, many of my nieces and nephews live near us :) One of my sister-in-laws is expecting and feeling that little peanut kick my hand when I place it on her stomach sends chills up my spine, such a miracle!! I love playing with them, soothing them when they cry, feeding them, teaching them... but nothing melts my heart more than a sweet, little baby sleeping on my chest. Of course there is also the nursery decorating, precious clothes, cute toys and so much more for mommies to splurge in. And let's admit this... the baby items are for the comfort of the baby but the joy of the mom!

With all of this being said, even though Edward and I talk constantly about having children, we need to focus on finishing law school first. But the day I find out I am pregnant will be the happiest day of my life - whether it is in two years or God has other plans and it's sooner. For now, I will continue to enjoy being a newly married wife to Edward and a mom to our sweet little Dexter (aka, Diva Dog)!
He was so cute and cuddly this morning!
The little angels in my life, my nieces and nephews!! (From oldest to youngest)

I'd love to hear your favorite baby stories if you are a mom, big sister, aunt, nanny, or just LOVE children!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

Hmmm I feel the same way about having to weigh the pros about waiting. It is nice to have time to travel and time with your husband but I'm just so excited to have a baby PUPPY. I mean really Mary can you imagine me with a child? Hahaha. I neeeeeed a puppy though.

Mary @ A Happy Wife In NOLA said...

HAHA!!! KGD, you would make a wonderful mother!!!! I think a puppy is a great first step :) I'll help you convince Chris! xoxo said...

Hi...redirected here from Britt at The Magnolia Pair. gald I did...because I feel the same way. I am actually about to celebrate my 2 yr wedding anniversary on Mon and as much as I am starting to get "baby fever" all the cons are definitely outweighing the pros. I am a teacher, (so is my husband) and I feel like I have 120 kids of my own, not including those that have graduated but maintain contact with me :) Enjoy the nephews and nieces!!

Emily said...

Hi Mary! I popped on over from Britt's blog! Where is your hubby in law school? I went to Tulane for undergrad and NOLA will always have a special place in my heart!

Enjoy this time with just you and your hubby. I have baby fever too and am trying to trust in God and his timing. In the meantime, my hubby and I are taking advantage of spontaneous weekend trips and other things we won't be able to do with a baby in tow!

New follower and hope you'll stop by my blog too! Have a great weekend!


Olivia said...

Oh girl! I am so in the same boat. There are days where I literally want to have a baby so bad I could burst! I have to weigh the pros and cons but when the hubs says things like "we could have a baby, we could make it work, you will be a great mom, our babies are going to be so cute..." I don't think I can wait much longer!!

Mary @ A Happy Wife In NOLA said...

Thank you ladies! I'm glad to know that I am not alone :) Best of luck to y'all and I am excited for you when the right time comes!

Emily - Edward is at Tulane Law!! Love that connection :) Thanks for following and I'm excited to follow you too!

Myndee said...

I have three kids, ages 3 and under. Come hang out at my house, or on my blog, and you'll be happy to wait. Kidding...kind of. You sound like a fantastic aunt (to a lot of nieces and nephews!), and you're going to make a great are already doing right for your kids by waiting for them. :)